Advanced Search syntax (PREMIUM)

With Advanced Search, you can perform a thorough search of your entire GitLab instance.

The Advanced Search syntax supports fuzzy or exact search queries with prefixes, boolean operators, and more. Advanced Search uses Elasticsearch's syntax.

WARNING: Advanced Search searches default project branches only.

General search

Use Description Example
" Exact search "gem sidekiq"
| Or display | banner
+ And display +banner
- Exclude display -banner
* Partial bug error 50*
\ Escape \*md

Code search

Use Description Example
filename: Filename filename:*spec.rb
path: Repository location path:spec/workers/
extension: File extension, without the . extension:js
blob: Git object ID blob:998707*

extension and blob return exact matches only.


Example Description
rails -filename:gemfile.lock Show rails in all files except the gemfile.lock file.
RSpec.describe Resolvers -*builder Show all RSpec.describe Resolvers that don't start with builder.
bug | (display +banner) Show bug or display and banner.